Material handling devices


This institute is ready to manufacture various types of material transfer devices as follows:

Screw in different lengths and according to customer needs and orders from 6″ to 10″ diameter closed (tubular) or open (U-shaped).

It is necessary to explain that the coils are made of pipes with a thickness of 5 mm and the coil is made of 4-6 mm sheet and its driving force is the Holoshaft electric gearbox.

Conveyor for transporting bulk materials and packaged materials in different lengths and widths from rubber width 50cm to 120cm – straight and angled

All conveyor belts made by this unit are made of heavy cans of 5 × 5cm and 6 × 6cm or studs, which are made in different molds according to the requested length and width. Also, the tires used in these devices are multi-layered with different tensions. (From EP250 to EP1000) and is simple or ribbed in different types.

In order to transmit power in these devices, book gearboxes SN2, SN3, SN4 or HaloSoft electric gearbox with the ability to easily replace the electric motor are used, which are other advantages of these devices.

Other Products

Jaw Crushers

Mineral granulation screens


Funnels and Silos

Sand washer

Sand maker


Batching systems

Fixed road scales

Machine parts

Dusty cyclones

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