The feeders produced in this complex are of vibrator, grizzly, butterfly, belt and rod type, which are made and produced according to the customer’s order. It should be mentioned that due to the proper design of vibrating feeders and low depreciation, as well as the interchangeability of parts that are in the form of bolts and nuts, it has been welcomed by many esteemed colleagues and miners.

Grizzly feeders are produced in two-axis or single-axis, which are used according to the type of stone and the capacity of the jaw crusher, which is installed before the jaw crusher.

Butterfly feeders are used to feed the lines that the size of raw materials is very small and soft and the amount of output materials must be precisely controlled, so due to the low speed of the device and low output has the ability to compensate for the shortcomings, especially in lines. Production and construction of wall blocks is welcomed by consumers.

Other Products

Jaw Crushers

Mineral granulation screens

Material handling devices

Funnels and Silos

Sand washer

Sand maker


Batching systems

Fixed road scales

Machine parts

Dusty cyclones

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